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Pro Silicone Poi Handle knob- Firetoys

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Jedny z nejoblíbenějších silikonových knobů (držadel) pro poi. Jsou trochu větší a měkčí než často používané spare knoby od Play ale lehčí než silikonové kuličky od play. Materiál je také příjemnější na omak, než jiné knoby.

Není skladem (dodání obvykle do dvou týdnů)

A new silicone poi handle from firetoys, designed to fit with any poi and free you up for amazing releases and contact poi magic.


Made from a Shore 30A silicone these handles have just the right amount of bounce to them. They will squeeze when you squish them, but don't deform, and are soft enough that they won't hurt when you catch them. This makes them a bit firmer than the lanternsmith pomgrips, and a bit softer than the play silicone poi knobs.

The Pro poi handles are designed to fit nicely in your hand at 38mm in diameter and 30mm tall. They are a great medium size that should be comfy for everyone. By default they weigh 23g each, but have an innovative tapered recess - meaning all sizes of washers can fit to add extra weight.

To keep your orbitals from getting tangled, swivels and bearings are both options for these handles. The conical recess is perfectly sized to fit a C sized Yoyo Bearing to reduce twisting of your cords, or you can fit a #7 or #9 swivel into the cord opening for a more in-line system

These poi handles are sold individually

More Information

Manufacturer Firetoys.com

Country of Manufacture China

Weight 23g

Height 30mm

Width 38mm

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