• Materials
  • Kevlar

    Kevlar wick, ropes, tubes and strings

  • Pyro
  • Poi


  • Staff
    Staff for spinning
  • Lyco props
  • Balls

    Balls for juggling, contact etc

  • Sticks

    Flowersticks, devilstick, firesticks, hand sticks, levisticks and flowwand

  • Clubs and rings
    Clubs and rings are almost the oldes juggling equipment. Lot of jugglers which start with balls continue with clubs and ring becaue they have more options to juggle or manipulate.
  • Diabolos
    Origin of this toy is in old China but in these days is more and more popular. Magic of this toy is easy start up and lot of variations for expirience jugglers.
  • Hula hoop
  • Balance Props
  • Unicycle
    Unicycle isn't only vehicle for juggler. In these days unicycles are idividual equipment. There is bog community whitch using unicycle like everyday vehicle, like you use bicycle.
  • Contact juggling

    Contact juggling is new form of juggling. Juggler use body parts to play with toys but he don't catch it in hand. We have contact balls, acrylick balls, contact staffs, contact poi.

  • Frisbee
  • Kendama
  • Fans
  • Yoyo

    Yoyo from old times isn´t so funny like yoyos from these days. Adding bearing center, modify body come toy whitch you can play all day and participate in lot of competitons.

  • Other
    In this cathegory you can find lot of diferent things. For example DVDs, books etc

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