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Whip yoyo - YoYofactory
  • Whip yoyo - YoYofactory

Whip yoyo - YoYofactory

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Tricks yoyo with silicone pads, bind and long sleep, designed for beginners.

Color: Green
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Whip is the cheapest trick yoyo.

Despite the very low price is a good choice whip for starters. Whip has a return system Silicon pads, which ensures that the yoyo will not return to twitch. Therefore, you must return the yoyo through bind (loop). Thus may not be suitable for complete beginners. If this trick ball returns can not start while you may worry about than teach him. The weight of the yo-yo is distributed around the circumference, which allows the proportion to the price of a very long sleep (for spinning) and stability. Along with the low price and yoyos shape that fits your hand, this is yoyo interesting choice for a beginner who wants to learn new tricks.  

Whip yo properties:

  • - Designed for intermediate
  • - Material: Plastic
  • -V: Butterfly
  • - Returning yoya: using bindu (loop)
  • - Weight: 56.2 g
  • - Width: 41 mm
  • - Diameter: 53.18 mm
  • - Gap (center): up to 4.55 / mm fixed
  • - Bearing: C size
  • - Return System: Pady (wide)
  • - Axle: 16 mm (M4)

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53.18 mm
56.2 g
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