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Fibre III - contact fire staff
  • Fibre III - contact fire staff

Fibre III - contact fire staff

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Fire contact staff with kevlar burners (core made of fiberglass)

Size: 120 cm


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This is the 3rd generation of our ultra strong pure fiberglass core fire staff, specifically designed to be used as a contact staff. The fiberglass core is so heavy that the result is an outstanding amount of momentum, even at slow speeds, and the shaft will not get hot, even after repeated burns.

The 3rd generation design features the strongest steel bolts available on the market (made in Germany), making this staff even more durable whilst adding additional weight to the ends.
The discreet flex provided by the fiberglass is firm enough to not hinder play but still absorb shock from the highest throws. The core is now so strong you can start to play with bounces and kicks off knees and feet for impressive fire balls with no risk of snapping or bending.

We have thrown in on this model two whopping burners each made from 80 cm of 80 mm wide wick which guarantees long lasting and consistent burns, and what's more the new system enables really easy wick changes. Most other staffs have a limited lifespan as the wicks are secured with screws that eventually wear away the core, our new super strong bolts secure into each other without causing any deterioration to the core.
The extremely grippy silicone contact area provides incredible hold to allow contact moves on both skin and clothing. The contact surface area is now 80 cm out of 140 cm total length. There are 20 cm long combined aluminium heat shields and bash guards at either end which also add even more weight to the extremities to add fluidity and momentum.

Due to feedback, we've now fused the silicone grip on the Fibre III to the fiberglass core with a heat and fuel proof silicone adhesive to completely remove any movement making this version more predictable in its movements.

The New Fibre III has been tried and tested by many great staffers who have added both feedback and features they wanted resulting in a work horse contact fire staff designed specifically for professional contact staffers. Every effort has been made to ensure consistency in high quality on this new prop which is bound to become a favourite with many contact staff users.

Total length: 130 cm
Total weight: 925 g
Wicks: 80 cm x 80 mm per burner

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United Kingdom