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Collapsable Contact staff Spiked - Gora 150 cm

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Gora Spiked fire staff for contact tricks. The staff is heavier at the ends than in the middle. Burners are on flexible steel ropes to prevent damage.

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This is the ultimate contact and dragon staff in small package

The staff has silicone protectors near the fireheads. In general, if you make a mistake with moving the contact , the heated metal can cause serious fire burns but this will not happen as the silicone parts are there to protect you. The black colour silicone has the highest heat resistance!

The flowers estabilish the movement of the staff, they slow the rolling a bit. Furthermore the rubber gives additional weight for the spin. If you like, you can take it down and attach back as you like.

A soft grip is very suitable but it wears out after about a year. Tennis grip is more sticky and absorbs the sweat, but it is very thin. The best solution is to combine the two materials.

The portable version is 100% straight and doesn’t move or wobble. It is fixed by rubber joints in tension, so the flexible connection is take over the force and will not even move or cluck after a time.

With the "Spikes" options you can have 3-3 flexible fireheads in the sides, what makes the staff like a light Dragon Staff. These Spikes are the same like the standard Gora Fire Hoop attachments.

Because of oversize regulations we cannot deliver longer parcel than 150cm out of Europe. If you want to order a longer Contact Staff to out of Europe, then you have to order the portable version.

- Do not use white spirit, benzene or alcohol based liquids. 
- Do not hold the staff vertically. Spin it, or keep it horizontal! 
- Handle the grip carefully to avoid damages.
- Dont use like I did in the video! :)

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