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Diabolo Radiant is the perfect choice for beginners. Due to the increased weight, Diabolo has better stability even at slower rotation.

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Out of all the diabolos we've stocked over the years, most customers will opt for the Radiant because not only is it great value for money, but it also operates with as much class and efficiency as most diabolos almost twice its price.

It's ideal for beginners. The size is suitable for a wide range of tricks and the bright colouring allows you to easily see the speed of revolution.

The Radiant is made from durable rubber that is soft enough to absorb impacts without compromising on stability, even at high speeds.
The hubs are made of smooth plastic and the axle is polished aluminum ensuring great spin.

Price per 1 piece.

110 mm diameter

130 mm width

230 g weight.

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230 g
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United Kingdom
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