FireKit for Henrys diabolos - Gora
  • FireKit for Henrys diabolos - Gora
  • FireKit for Henrys diabolos - Gora

FireKit for Henrys diabolos - Gora

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This kit can transform the Mister Babache Finesse diabolo to a fire diabolo.



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This kit can transform theHenrys diabolos to a fire diabolo.

Some diabolists prefer this design to metal fire diabolos as there is less hot exposed metal.

The kit consists of kevlar fire heads mounted on lightweight aluminum alloy arms which screw into the diabolo via the Evo kit mounting holes.

The cups of the diabolo are well protected by silicone heat shields and the kit itself is protected by the cups of the Henrys diabolos. It can even stand high throws dropped onto the concrete.

Use the hypo to fill up the kevlar.
Use lower heat level liquids like paraffin, lamp oil or barbecue oil.
Do not use white spirit or benzene because the nascent heat is too high for the silicone and the diabolo.
Please spin off the excess paraffin before setting the diabolo on fire. Otherwise it will have big flames at the beginning which can damage the cups.

kit weight: 133g
kit and Circus together: 378gr

Package contents:
2 aluminium cup with kevlar wick
2 silicone shields
2 leather pads
4 screws
4 washers
a 12 mm refuelling syringe
and an allen key

price is for one kit per diabolo, diabolo not included. Please choose your diabolo from our  diabolo section.

Gora's kits are the best option i have found.

I was using normal string, but i think it is a good idea to change the string quite often, as it will get worn/melted a bit every time you juggle. Always have spare sticks around, and someone on the side of the stage that your diabolo is spinning towards. This person should also have fire extinguisher or similar to take care of any nasty surprises. I had a luxury of having a trained stunt man on stage with me, but any person with hands and some basic understanding of fire should do.

As for the fire diabolos affecting your technique and repertoire of tricks:
1. The kits will make the diabolos bit more unstable and quite a bit heavier.
2. There is a possibility of parafin/lamp oil sprinkling to your string thus making it really slippery.
3. There is a possibility of tangling your string around the actual fire kit, a mistake that will take a lot of time to fix, this was my biggest fear during the show mentioned earlier.

Additionally, the kits, as all fire equipment, will take some time to light up, which can lead to some dull time right in the start of your show.

My suggestions:
1. Use easy tricks, the fire by itself is a big enough effect, no need for 360fan to mini-g here, most of the audience will remember/see diabolos burning, nothing else. 2d high is a good idea, i did not play much with it, but don't see any reason why it would not work. Varying spinning speed leads to really nice effects with fire growing bigger or diminishing.
2. Have at least one person helping you on stage, added to the reason mentioned earlier, he/she can also help you lighting the diabolos up, so that they are already burning when you start the show. Assistant should also take care of the extinguishing of the equipment afterwards so you have time to take the applause :)
3. As any fire performer, you need to inform the stage hands that the stage will have some oil on it after your show. This might sound insignificant but is really important. Slippery floor can be dangerous for example to dancers/acrobats. In general its a good idea not to have any physical acts right after a fire show.
4. Practise a lot - fire is always bit unpredictable and there are many variables. The change of liquid, spinning speed and even difference in temperature on stage will affect how the fire behaves.

I think that pretty much covers it. Hope this helps and break a leg ;)


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