Pyrofans - 5 fingers - Firelovers

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A professional pyro-fan with a battery and launch button that starts all the connected effects at once. Recommended for experienced pyrotechnic users.

Dostupnost obvykle do týdne

New effect for you – Pyrofans! If you want to have an opportunity to use your pyrotechnic cool way in your show, you definitely need this.

USB rechargable battery with indicator - turns blue when fully charged.

Safe button with a ligt - helps to find the button in the dark - glows only when fountains connected correctly.

Price for a pair.

You can attach up to 5 pyrotechnics.

Disclaimer: You should not use pyrotechnics without professional pyrotechnic technician and without proper Pyrotechnic safety training. Otherwise you risk safety of yours and your surroundings. You should buy only high quality pyrotechnics from trusted companies in Europe, USA, Australia,… You shouldn’t use Chinese pyrotechnics, they tend to explode sometimes. Bad use or bad pyrotechnics are dangerous.


Data sheet

40 cm
450 g
Country of Manufacture
Czech Republic
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