Fyrefli fireballs set 3x 68 mm

Set of 3 fire balls with replaceable kevlar spiral


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These balls consist of a metal coil covered in a kevlar sheath, this surrounds a central wick (which is the part you soak in paraffin).
You do not need gloves to juggle these!

Before fueling and lighting your FyreBalls roll the FyreBall's outer braided coating in a saucer of water. This helps prevent the outer coating from absorbing fuel which extends its life and assists in cooling the FyreBall.


Diameter: 68 mm

Pack weight: 410 g

Dry all weight: 115 g

Wet ball weight: 125-135 g

Package comprises 3 x 68 mm fireballs, refuelling spout, carry bag and instructions.


Specific References

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