Fire contact juggling ball Firelovers
  • Fire contact juggling ball Firelovers

Fire contact juggling ball - Firelovers

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Contact juggling fireball from Firelovers

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Fire contact ball from Firelovers.

It is possible tu use this ball without gloves.

This ball was designed for 3 years by the best contact jugglers in the world. The main tester was Contact juggler Rendolf.
Final contact ball have weight between practice balls and acrylic balls. Some of jugglers like to practice with our fire balls their new tricks.

Don´t dip all ball to the fuel like Lamp oil, benzin, or kerosin.
Dip or spray water to most of the part of ball and spray just few drops of fuel and test what is best for you.
We recommend fuel with lower temperature of flames. Ethanol, coleman fuel, aquaflame, fakir liquids, zipo, Isopropyl, 2-Propanol (Isopropyl Alcohol) 80%.

Total diameter:
90 mm  240g

100 mm 320g

110 mm 400g

120 mm 530g

Burning time: Up to 3 minutes

Price per piece.

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90 mm
100 mm
110 mm
120 mm
235 g
Country of Manufacture
Czech Republic
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