Polypro collapsible fire Hula Hoop 105 cm - 6 pcs - Gora

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High quality, professional Fire Hula Hoop has six burners which are fully detachable. Strong and user-friendly, these fire hoops are suitable for experienced hoopers. This is the bigger of two available sizes.

Dostupnost obvykle do týdne

The ring is dismantled into tubes and fireheads. The sticks of the heads are made of steel wire, so they are flexible, and are not sensitive for falling . They also fix the ring together, so the surface is clean, there are no disturbing knobs.

You can attach the pieces with screws which are included. If you want you can practice with the hoop without the fire heads.

The surface is covered with sticky tape for the better control, and shiny mirror tape for the glimmering effect.

I recommend this equipment for all dancing ladies who want something really impressive as a finale for their show, and would like to use it for years and years.

  • Before lighting up make sure that all the screws are fixed and fastened properly.
  • Handle and store them carefully, if the screws become damaged, it is not safe to use it!
  • Don't keep the Fire Hoop standing vertically or in the direction of the wind. Continuous fire can damage the ring.


  • Weight: 0,83 kg
  • Diameter: 105 cm

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