Folding staff M - 110 cm
  • Folding staff M - 110 cm

Folding staff M - 110 cm

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Folding stick M size with double burner, excellent for transporting. There si special guaranty on the bond for 3 years.

Size: 110 cm


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Folding stick, excellent for transporting.

If you want to wear them often stick with me , you know how annoying it is to pull it.

Foldable bar easily into your backpack and you do not know about it.

On the bond is a special 3 year guaranty.

The rod has at the ends of the burners 75 mm Kevlar strap.

This pole is ideal for beginners and advanced , primarily intended for quick spins.

You can choose the color of the wrapping : black, colored (yellow, green , blue, red , white, pink)

Burners: 1,4 meters of 75 mm kevlar
Burner diameter: 4,5 cm.
Pipe diameter: 13 - 19 mm
Pipe material: Titanium
Grip: Durable with adhesive surface
Burning time: 3-5 minutes
Weight (length 120 cm): 430 grams

Price per piece.

1215 - 110 cm

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110 cm
Country of Manufacture
Czech Republic