Folding staff L (double burner) - 110 cm
  • Folding staff L (double burner) - 110 cm

Folding staff L (double burner) - 110 cm

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Folding stick S size with double burner, excellent for transporting. There si special guaranty on the bond for 3 years.

Size: 110 cm


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Folding stick , excellent for transporting.

If you want to wear them often sttaff with me, you know how annoying it is to pull it.

Foldable bar easily into your backpack and you do not know about it.

On the bond is a special 3 year warranty.

The rod has at each end two burners 100 mm Kevlar strap.

This rod is designed for advanced jugglers who are not afraid of fire.

You can choose the color of the wrapping : black, colored (yellow, green , blue, red , white, pink)


Burners: Double from 1.8 meters 100 mm Kevlar
Burner diameter : 5.2 cm
Pipe diameter : 13 - 19 mm
Pipe material: Titanium
Grip: Durable with adhesive surface
Burning time : 4 minutes
Weight (length 120 cm) : 450 grams

Price per piece.

1220 - 110 cm

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110 cm
Country of Manufacture
Czech Republic