Profi fire staff (double burner) size M

Professional fire staff with double burners from the best material.

Ideal for throwing, spinning, manipulation and isolation. 

1202 - 100 cm
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Professional rod by double burners with the best materials.

Fluorescent labeling bars (marking is good witch you should visit in the dark) pole with a large flame emanating from two places.
Nice effect during performances.

The bar is great for spin manipulation throws.

Thanks to its low weight and high flames omotávce adhesive is an excellent rod for throwing in combination with a rotating, isolation and manipulation. It's a bar popular with many advanced jugglers who like to throw.
Due to the fact that you can only ignite extreme rod torch is suitable for learning new techniques. Because if you slip a hand close to the burner stops for non-burning kevlar, so there is less risk of burns.
The rod is universal to all types and ways of turning from throwing after contact. If you do not have a clear-cut style and like to combine everything possible, and you want a big flame that can withstand fire. Is this rod a good choice.

- Burners: Double 75 mm / 1.4 m and 55 mm / 1.4 m (large)
- Burner diameter: 5 cm
- Pipe diameter: 13-19 mm
- Pipe material: Titanium
- Grip: Adhesive
- Burning time: 3-5 minutes
- Weight (length 120 cm): 420 grams

Price per piece.
1202 - 100 cm
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