Fibre - fire throwing staff
  • Fibre - fire throwing staff

Fibre - fire throwing staff

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Throwing fire staff, staff handle is phosphor-based for better visibility in the dark.

Size: 90 cm

This is the second generation of Fibre Air Throwing Firestaff. They are the first staffs in our range specifically to be designed as a throwing / juggling staff. We have added more wick to accommodate our standard "hard core" bolts thus increasing burn time and in the process making them more hard wearing. The added weight at the ends also improves the staff's spin in the air.


The Fibre Airs are thin, approximately 12mm around the handle, to allow for multiple staffs to be held in one hand. This makes starting juggling patterns more comfortable and catches easier.


They are also light, weighing in at 360g, meaning that these staffs can be thrown high and for long periods without your arms falling off.


Being thin and light doesn't mean these firestaffs are weaklings. Far from it. The Fibre Airs have a full fibreglass core similar to the Fibre 3 range, only thinner. The fibreglass core is extremely strong and has been designed to withstand repeated drops from height and at high rotational speeds. However, they are not indestructible and should not be abused.


The Fibre Airs have large wicks, relative to their size, made from 60cm of 65mm wick at each end. The wicks not only provide a good flame size and burn time but add weight to the ends of the staff. The extra momentum this affords adds to the hang time of these staffs, making for slow and smooth flights through the air.


The cushion grip on this model won't get slippery when wet but they are not as easy to see in the dark as the silicone. They will also need replacing at some point (depending on use) but this is easy to do and spare grip can be bought from us.


These staffs are equipped with aluminium heat shields that further add to the staff's momentum and allow the Fibre Air some flex in their centre. This flex softens the impact when catching the staff and allows it to effectively absorb shock from drops. These staffs will not develop a permanent bend.


The Fibre Air Fire Staffs are perfect for juggling with two, three or more staffs and have been developed with the help of some of the best staff jugglers in the country. Here's what Tim Marston says about them:


"I have spent the last ten years trying to make or buy the perfect throwing staff... I've been in touch with manufacturers all over the world and nothing comes close to these staffs... we have finally got the perfect throwing staffs."


But the story doesn't end there. The Fibre Airs are some of our most versatile fire staffs. Their thin shaft means they are ideally suited for finger spinning isolation / antispin manipulation with double staffs (a.k.a. magnetic batons). The strength and light weight of the Fibre Throws also makes them fantastic staffs for spinning at high speeds. These staffs are good as first fire staffs too as they are shorter and have smaller wicks than the other fire staves in our range (though those under 18 should have their parents permission and be supervised when spinning fire).

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