Pro Juggling Torch Mr. Babache
  • Pro Juggling Torch Mr. Babache

Pro Juggling Torch Mr. Babache

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Professional fire torch made of duralumin and high quality Kevlar wick.

Color: Silver


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The Mr Babache Pro Torch has cleared out the competition. It boasts clean design, great juggling feel and many features the other torches offered just can't compete with. A new favorite!

What makes the new Pro Torch so great? The construction is solid. The handle is built around a strong aluminum tube containing a hardwood, and features the spring board air cushion padding and the very comfortable Mr Babache handles. The top of the body is fixed into place with 5 stainless bolts giving it protection against impacts. The body of the torch is decorated with reflective metallic decals which will withstand the fluid and abuse other torches just can’t. The reason they’ll last longer is that the Pro Torch has a fire proof seal located between the body and shaft. The seals ensure the torch will withstand heavy impacts on hard surfaces, and it also will minimize the flow of fuel on the outside of the torch, over the body and onto the handle. What other torch will do that?

These torches are in our opinion the best on the market. An excellent choice for both new torch jugglers and the advanced performer.

Weight: 8.8 ounces (255 g) Length: 19.3 Inch (490 mm)

Price per 1 piece.


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49 cm
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