Glow staff - Lightup and Juggle

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Polycarbonate light bar staff with silicone balls at the ends for better effect and balance.

Dostupnost obvykle do týdne

These LED glow staffs look fantastic in the dark or twilight. This model features two high powered LED units fully enclosed in a tough transparent polycarbonate sheath which is then fully enclosed in a translucent silicone feel ball.

The balls add weight to the extremities ensuring this glow staff has plenty of momentum whilst simultaneously providing robust bash guards which ensure a long life span of both the stick itself and the LED units.

The shaft itself is made from a super tough, semi clear plastic which has more flex than the thicker glow staffs but not enough to effect standard spinning styles. This size of staff is not suitable as a contact staff; it's not very grippy and rather light (300g). On the upside it's great for throws or for double staff manipulation and we are confident that you won't find a better budget glow staff on the market.

The shortness of this staff also makes it suitable for children.

Each LED unit takes 3 x L1142 batteries which are supplied with the glow staff. Battery life is approximately 3 to 5 hours of bright glow then the LEDs begin to fade. They will last a few more hours but will get progressively duller and duller. Additional batteries can be purchased from our website at discounted prices.

Please note: if you want to order more than one staff of different colours, please order them one by one. Do not enter "2" in the quantity box as this will result in ordering two staffs of the same colour.

Comes supplied with 6 x L1142 batteries

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