Threeworlds Fusion - 3 Part - LED Glow Staff

Programmable LED staffs with fiber optic and high quality lighting unit.

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Glow staffs lend themselves so perfectly to the night outside, and now they're easier to get there, thanks to the threeworlds fusion range.

Threeworlds Travel Glow Staff

The Concentrate play series staffs are great, but they don't fit in your bag, so threeworlds came out with the fusion LED/Glow staff, to make the ultimate travelling glow staff.

This Super bright travel staff has extra strong polycarbonate tubing on each of the 2 ends, which diffuses and spreads the light from the end units beautifully, while adding the rigidity you need for all your staff spinning moves.

Threeworlds Fusion Range

The newly redesigned threeworlds fusion adaptor is simple to use, just twist the handle clockwise to install the staff ends onto the central adaptor. This adaptor has been designed to fit all 22mm tubing from threeworlds, so you can swap your fire staff ends, your glow staff ends or even your dragon staff ends onto the same central assembly.

Concentrate C5 Light Unit

All Threeworlds Glow staffs come with the latest and greatest C5 light units, running on a single AAA battery each (included, and rechargeable), these super bright LED units light up the 2 end pieces of the travel staff intensely. There are 9 preset modes built in, but there's a whole load of possibilities once you double tap the button on the end.

concentrate custom pattern instructions


1 x Fusion Adaptor
2 x Polycarbonate tube ends
2 x C5 Concentrate Led Light Units
2 x Silicone end caps
2 x Rechargeable AAA Nimh batteries

1 Item

Specific References

New product
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