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LED Glow Flowerstick - Juggle dream

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Longer LED flowerstick than standard, making it suitable as a contact flowerstick.

Made of durable material.

Dostupnost obvykle do týdne

A new take on flower sticks from Juggle Dream!

With a 55 cm shaft this is a longer flower stick than many of our other models, but that only adds to the visual impact of this innovative prop.

The shaft is a semi-flexible clouded plastic which allows the light to diffuse but also means that it won't snap too easily.

The battery units (LR44) are comfortably housed in strong plastic shells and the tassels flare out nicely when spun fast - like all flower sticks they keep the speed down and the stick balanced.

Each Flower stick has 6 LED lights dispersed throughout in a random assortment of colours.

The stick is also fairly sticky giving the user more control.

Each stick comes with a quality set of control sticks - again they're sticky with silicone grip and are capped with neat plastic ends.

Please choose your tassel colour.


- Length: 80 cm

- Length without flowers: 62 cm

- Material: plasticand rubber at the ends

- Weight: 310 g

Without sticks

Price per piece.


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80 cm
310 g
Country of Manufacture
United Kingdom
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