Fire Hat Gora
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Fire Hat Gora

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We proudly present the one and only fire juggling hat in the world!



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Whether you need an extreme costume or a part of a joke in your show, this is the excellent choice.

However if you have a hat act, this would be your best finale ever!

The kevlar rope is separated from the felt hat by a thick heatproof silicone layer, what is the first step of the protection.

However the key is the fire retardant liquid, what is included fro the Fire Hat.

How to apply:
First of all you have to apply the lamp oil by a syringe very carefully. It need to get only on the kevlar, not on the silicone nor on the felt. Use lamp oil to have low temperature while burning. It can be even a hour before the show, because the oil is not evaporate. 5 minutes before light up you need to apply the fire retardant liquid. It need to be on the felt on the top and in the side of the cylinder. It should be not any drop on the kevlar, otherwise you can have some problems with lighting up. Finally before 1 minute to go on stage you need to apply the zippo benzene. It help to light up the lamp oil. Without it can't light up well, the lamp oil is gets on fire very slowly. I hope i dont need to tell that it sould be only on the kevlar, not on the silicone nor the felt, not any drop. It should be not too much, not too less. If it too less it evaporate and cannot light up the lamp oil, if it is too much it burns the felt and the silicone.

The Fire Hat can stands about 50-100 light up or more.

It is highly up to the carefully preparation and the right materials!

Do carefully preparation (use head lamp in the backstage)

If the top of the hat gets a hill, push down, than it is more far from the fire.

If the hat fell down, take it up immediately!

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