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MMX Plus ball 67 mm 135 g Play

MMX Plus Play ball is soft, thanks to the filling doesn't roll away and the ball is easy to wash.

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  • Glow Phospho
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MMX Juggling Balls are as soft as a beanbag thud but they also hold a spherical shape in flight just like a stage ball. Their stage ball properties also mean they are good for body rolling moves. The MMX therefore bridges the gap between these two types of ball.

These balls are both durable and washable and don't leech their colours like some balls do.

They have a lovely smooth but grippy texture and they don't roll away when dropped.

The MMX Plus balls have a smaller and more discreet plug than the black ones on the 'old style' balls. The plugs, which stop the seed filling from escaping, also match the colour of the MMX Plus balls.

All the colours are UV reactive.

Sold individually.

Country of Manufacture
Approx Ball Diameter
67 mm
135 g

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