LED ball - 12 Panel beanbag/footbag - colors

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LED juggling benbag with low flyback, thanks which ball don't roll away. LED light is hide in the case. The material is not suitable for outdoor using

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12 - Panel Beanbag Juggle Ball

This perfectly weighted 12 panel Beanbag Juggle Ball cradles your palm like only a beanbag can. It's firm, yet soft to the touch.
Special see-through pellets magnify the LED light giving the Beanbag Juggle Ball its ultra-bright glow.
As you can see in the photo, there is a blue light inside this particular multicolored 12 panel shell. This blue light makes the various colors on the shell glow their individual colors. Only the blue light can do this. However, any light color will work, but they will make the entire shell the color of the light. In other words, if you use a red light in the multi colored shell, the result will be a red glow over ALL the panels no matter what color the panels are. You can also choose the white shell.

Ideal for juggling and footbag.

Weight: 120 g
Diameter: 75 mm

Price per piece.

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75 mm
120 g
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