Kevlar 75 mm / 1,6 mm HOP
  • Kevlar 75 mm / 1,6 mm HOP

Kevlar 75 mm / 1,6 mm HOP

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Kevlar strip 75 mm, suitable for fire equipment.



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Kevlar®, para-aramid based webbing that is specifically designed for use with paraffin solvents. It's extremely resistant to both heat and friction and capable of absorbing large quantities of fuel. Our wick does not contain dangerous copper mesh and is as resistant if not more so than wick that does. The weave itself has been developed to minimise fraying and extend the life time of fire wick. If used properly this wick should last you several hundred burns if not more.

75 mm wick is ideal for most fire toys or those requiring a standard sized flames such as fire poi, fire staffs, fire devilsticks and fire torches.

Price per 1 meter.
For example, if you order 6 pieces of kevlar you reach 6 meters in one piece.
Length other than the standard? If you want a different length: 120 cm
Enter 1 pc and note when sending, type: I am interested in 120 cm Kevlar.