Nomex 100 mm
  • Nomex 100 mm
  • Nomex 100 mm
  • Nomex 100 mm

Nomex 100 mm

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Nomex 100 mm - lighter weight replacement for kevlar.

For fire eaters, firefingers or other lighter equipment. Not suitable for longer burning equipment.



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Nomex is a substance that resists high temperatures, like Kevlar. It has 3 times lighter than Kevlar wick. It is used primarily to swallow bars, and other burners firefingers where we want to achieve great flame with minimum weight. Nomex but has inferior strength and durability than Kevlar, therefore not suitable for burners, which fall down, and burning time as the poles and poi . Nomex but can be used as an inner layer if you want to save weight and money.


- Width : 100 mm

- Thickness: 3,2 mm

1 pc = 1 meter. If you order 3 pieces reach three meters of Kevlar in its entirety