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Technora (10 cm)

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Technora is a very popular corded replacement for a chain of poi and other fiery toys.

String has higher heat resistance than Kevlar.

Size: 4 mm


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Technora rope is becoming a popular partial chain replacement for poi spinners looking to make their fire poi feel more like their practice and contact poi. This fiber has a temperature resistance slightly higher than Kevlar (decomposing around 932°F), a high tensile strength (1200 kg at 3 mm diameter; 2200 kg at 5 mm diameter, and 3300 kg at 7 mm diameter), and high abrasion and fatigue resistance, making it a very durable poi leash material.

Technora is fire resistant, not fire proof, and will begin decomposing at temperatures above 932°F.

Diameter: 3, 5 and 7 mm

Price per 10 cm.


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10 cm
Country of Manufacture
Czech Republic