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UV akryl ball Juggle Dream

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Clear UV reactive Acrylic Contact Juggling Balls are a great alternative to standard clear and translucent Contact Juggling Balls. Under black light, they glow a beautiful blue. Clear UV Acrylic Contact Juggling Balls have a slightly blue-purple tinge in normal light.

76 mm (3 inch) Contact Juggling Balls are great for the majority of applications and beginners, with larger balls being good for stalls and beginners, and small better for multi-ball contact juggling.

Don't forget to protect your contact juggling ball from dents and scratches by also getting a felt-lined canvas Contact Juggling Ball Bag and Acrylic Polish!

Information for Bulk Members: Minimum order quantity of 10 of any color, style, or size of acrylic Contact Juggling Balls.

Diameter / Weight:

60 mm / 130 g

65 mm / 170 g

70 mm / 220 g

75 mm / 270 g

80 mm / 320 g

85 mm / 410 g

90 mm / 500 g

100 mm / 650 g

120 mm / 1100 g

Price per piece.

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