LightToys – Pyro BoomPoi

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A pyroshow Poi with buttons that ignite professional pyrotechnics.

Dostupnost obvykle do týdne

BoomPoi has a battery inside (rechargeable by Lighttoys charger), that can start any fuse.

Now you cant start pyro effects on stage by pressing single button.

It is the safe and most important – VERY cool way and surprising effect!

The safety for accidental triggering is included – you need to arm Boom Poi first.

The red LED indicate that the battery is ready(not exhausted) and pyro Poi is armed.

Then by presing red button you start the show. (if you hit red button without armed first, nothing happens).

Recharging is needed just once in about 2 months! (if you dont forget to turn of armed mode – LED can discharge Poi quite soooner ;) ).

You need to order charger for your first pair of Pyro Poi.

The charger is the same as for our lighttoys staffs, sticks and other pyro equipment, so if you have it, you dont need new one.

Lenght of one poi: 25 cm
Weight of one poi: 190 g

Price per pair.


Data sheet

25 cm
190 g
Country of Manufacture
Czech Republic
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