Wickerpoi - gora
  • Wickerpoi - gora

Wicker poi Pear (fire podpoi)

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Weaved fire PodPoi (alternative from Led PodPoi)

Size: 10 cm


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This is a huge, weaved poi, with a long shape that gives a very nice flames.

Priced per one pair of poi. You can choose from 3 different sizes.
We use 13 mm wide kevlar rope waved by 4 line. Only the lenght of the poi is change with the size.

The chain is strongly fixed at the bottom of the knot. I not recommend the bigger size poi with ball chain, because it is not 100% trustworthy with strong spinning - although we offer the safest stainless steel ball chain available. We use extra safe swivels and rings.
You can choose different handles, like flower handles, wooden or silicone balls. The leather flower handles are more comfortable and more secure than the classic ones. The ball handles are better for throwing tricks, especially the silicone ones. They have more weight, they’re softer, more durable and more fire resistant.

I recommend this equipment for professional performers, who need professional gear with a beautiful effect.

- Always check the condition of the poi before using it.

Photography of the products are illustrative. We'll send you your poi in basic set: poi + twisted welded stainless steel chain + handles. If you would like another components, please write it to the order note. Another components can change the price.

Burner size Head weight Fire time


10 cm 85 g 3 min 8/10
11 cm 95 g 4 min 10/10
12 cm 105 g 6 min 10/10
14 cm 235 g 7 min 8/10

Price per pair.


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Country of Manufacture
Czech Republic