LightToys – Visual Poi V3 mini
  • LightToys – Visual Poi V3 mini
  • LightToys – Visual Poi V3 mini
  • LightToys – Visual Poi V3 mini

LightToys – Visual Poi V4 mini

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Technologically advanced professional Poi, which offers the ability to upload any personal visual effect from your PC.

Dostupnost obvykle do týdne

Technology that allows you to upload any logo, text or image from your PC and show it while spinning! Opportunity to project company logos, advertising and aim for demanding clientele. Visual Poi V4 is an investment, which pays off. The main criteria for choosing a product based on pixel staff and poi technology is number of displayed Pixels(number of LED diodes in a column) and all sides solid brightness which determines the projection quality and the readability of images during spinning. Unlike competing products, our Visual Poi is capable of displaying 72 pixels and thanks to revolutionary custom made RGB LEDs that has 180 degree viewing angle and shine more than any SMD LED, we can made two sides construction that has same light output from any viewing angle. So there is no risk of brightness fluctuation during spinning and the resulting effect is stable and bright. Our single Visual Poi utilizes in total 144 super bright RGB LEDs, which allows performances in bright light (daylight, fully lit stage, etc.). Even price is lowered because we managed to lower our expenses! One of many advantages is the

Visual Staff/Poi modular system – you can easily change your pois into staff in less than a minute.

Technical specification (single Visual Poi):

Weight: 116 grams

Length: 29 cm

Number of RGB LEDs / pixels: 144 / 72

Number of colors: Up to 16,7 milions

Number of pictures: Up to 10 000

Battery life: 2 - 4 hours

Price per pair.


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Country of Manufacture
Czech Republic
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