Rope dart Firelovers
  • Rope dart Firelovers
  • Rope dart Firelovers
  • Rope dart Firelovers
  • Rope dart Firelovers

Fire Rope dart - Firelovers

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Kevlar fire Rope dart poi by Firelovers.

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Fire Rope dart by Firelovers.

Rope dart (also known as Jōhyō in Japanese) has roots in Chinese martial arts. It's easy to learn the basics of twining, shooting and retrieval, and these techniques can be applied to a dance, martial arts, or movement exploration. 

Rope dart is long rope with the poi head at the end.

Poi head: Monkey fist
Head size: optional (6, 7, 8, 9,5 cm)
Rope: Technora + Dragon Rope X
Rope length: 3 m
Total weight: it depends on poi size

Please, write to the order note which type and size of poi head do you would like. Price of the product will be different.

The price is counted for setting:
9,5 cm monkey fist head, dragonrope and chain tail 3-3,1m

Price per piece.

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Czech Republic
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