Firetoys Fire S-Staff (standard)
  • Firetoys Fire S-Staff (standard)

Firetoys Fire S-Staff (standard)

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A pair of fire S-staffs made of durable aluminum, with six kevlar burners.



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Firetoys Fire S Staff - Pack of 2 (Standard)

The Firetoys Fire S staff is made from the same high quality aluminium as all our other staffs. The fibreglass plugs and interlocking male/female bolts used in all our own brand fire staffs means you can re-wick without fear of wearing out your staff.

These staffs are now made from a single aluminium tube making them stronger than our original design. However due to their shape we recommend that you do not attempt high throws as they are not designed to withstand repeated drops from height.

Each staff is topped with over 1,5 m of 25 mm wick

These curved fire staffs create large flames and are quite tricky to get started with. The spinning technique is very different to normal staff spinning. Moves should be slow, graceful and very controlled focussing on creating with the 2 staffs instead of moves. When mastered the resulting performances are mesmerising and pretty unique.

Due to the difficulty rating of using this fire prop we recommend them to experienced professional fire performers only. Protective clothing is advisable as flame size is large.

Burn Time: 3-6 mins

Length: 79 cm
Width: 27 cm
Tube Diameter: 3/4" (1.905 cm)
Individual Weight: 495 g

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19 mm
79 cm
495 g
Country of Manufacture
United Kingdom