Aluminium Micro S-Staffs
  • Aluminium Micro S-Staffs

Aluminium Micro S-Staffs

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Firetoys Naked Aluminium Micro S-Staffs - Pack of 2

The Naked Aluminium Micro S-Staffs are the latest set of S-Staffs to join our range. Created in response to popular demand from manipulators across the country, these S-Staffs are aimed at the isolation junkies out there (you know who you are!). Their "micro" size, just 44 cm long and 17 cm wide, give you even more scope to farm those shapes and are ideal for finger spinning manipulations.
The small size of these S-Staffs does mean that they are the hardest to use S-Staffs in our range. The precision required to create the illusions is increased because the margin for error is decreased - perfect for those manipulators who enjoy a challenge!
The Micro S's are made from the same high quality aluminium as the larger naked S's only thinner and polished to the same dazzling shine for that mesmerising finish. The Micro S's have also been filled with anti-vibration silicone extending the entire length of the staff to reduce the sound of impacts and to provide some extra weight. After feedback from the Crystal Wizard the centre of S, where the fingers grip the staff, has been flattened to provide stability.

Length: 44 cm
Width: 17 cm
Weight per staff: 140 g
Tube diameter: 1.1 cm (1/2")

Price per pair.