LED iStaff RGB-IR K8 Devilstick

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RGB LED remote control devil sticks with high intensity light units.

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K8 presents the new wireless professional Light products RGB-IR.

WIRELESS CONTROL SYSTEM: Each programed effect has a direct access button, The new REC function expands its possibilities giving to the user the option of create their own effects mixing all the club programmed options.

THE POI-BALL RGB SYSTEM is made with RGB High intensity LEDs

The energy core is a Rechargeable Li-Polymer battery, (charger is not included). The new RGB-IR system works with the same charger than the rest of the Light IR range products.

IR TIMER: In order to save energy, the IR receptor can stay for two hours in Standby mode, which can be renewed by switching the plug.

* The price is per pair and not included the accesories.


  • RGB High intensity LEDs
  • Wireless connections: IR (Infra Red)
  • Effects control with K8 FLEX Plug 3.5 mm
  • Memory (grab last selected effect)
  • 2 banks of effects with Demo Mode
  • Lithium polymer battery
  • Protect circuit of charge
  • Autonomy from 2 to 5 hours
  • USB system charging for 220/110V

The programmable effects:
1. Green
2. Red
3. Blue
4. Yellow
5. Cyan
6. Magenta
7. White
8. Fade 
9. Auto accelerate
10. Blink RGB
11. Blink RGBCMYK
12. Blink RGBW
13. Blink GB
14. Blink RG
15. Demo

Length: 1,1 m
Weight: 310 g

Note: Charged with K8 Charger

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20 mm
110 cm
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