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Static Stilts - Oddballs

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Lightweight and strong stilts, which offering a feeling like on its own feet.

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The patent for the Durastilts has run out, meaning that we're able to get this stilt produced for us at a fraction of the price. Very stable, you can literally stand on them for hours, you can even play football in them. Theses stilts adjust from 22 - 44 inches. If you're looking for stilts so finitely-designed that they almost serve as leg extensions, than these stilts are your product!
Maximum weight 105 kg

Adjustable high
Standar:60 - 100 cm.
Maximum weight: 105 kg.

For example good for:
- insulation worker
- electrician
- painter
- etc.

Price per pair.

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up to 100 cm
9.12 kg
Country of Manufacture
United Kingdom
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