Indy standard trainer 20" Unicycle
  • Indy standard trainer 20" Unicycle

Unicycle Backpack (24″ – 27,5″) - Qu-Ax

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Protective and helpful bag by Qu-Ax for transport your unicycle.

Dostupnost obvykle do týdne

The handsome QU-AX unicycle backpacks protect your unicycle – and keep dirt of your last muni-trip away from your trunk. 

  • tear-resistant tissue and reinforced bottom (where it usually is been put on the ground)
  • flap to protect the zip, reinforced pedal-pouches
  • cushioned shoulder-straps
  • hi-strap takes load from your shoulders
  • compactable saddle-pouch to adjust on individual seat-height
  • straps to fix your leg-armor on the inside (towards your bag) to cushion your back against the unicycle
  • suitable for 507 -584 mm (24″ to 27,5″) wheeled (m)unicycles

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