Bearings C - Infinity
  • Bearings C - Infinity

Bearings C - Infinity

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Classic SPEC bearing for those who prefer an area of flat above the concave . SPEC bearing is obviously the best choice to loopovacích yoyos all types.

Available in 3 sizes:

Small (A) - for Duncan yoyos - Freehand, Freehand Zero, Mosquito etc.
Medium (D) - for yoyos Hspin or for example Duncan Momentum and another models.
Big (C) - The most frequently using bearing

For example Duncan yoyos Raptor, Echo, Metropolis
One, Whip, Pop star, Protostar Die nasty, Grind Machine, Counter Atack, Supernova, Superstar, 888, DV888...

All yoyos by Magicyoyo

Price per piece.