Multi-Function LED Glow Poi

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Very durable Glow Poi, 20 different programs, 3 super bright diodes.

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These Multi-function LED poi are a fantastic, effective alternative to more expensive models on the market. Similiar in size and shape to our other LED poi, these come with the added advantage of giving the user control over the effects and lights they wish to swing with. They give a hugh range of dazzling effects at the touch of a button and the straight forward functions menu makes them easy to navigate.

They are as follows:
Pressing once switches them on in mode A.
Pressing once again will cycle through the settings within the chosen mode.
Pressing twice quickly will cycle to the next mode.
Pressing and holding, will switch them off.

These are the functions available:

Mode A:
1. Color change - red > green > blue > yellow > indigo > purple > orange > white
2. Color fade - red > orange > yellow > green > indigo > blue > purple
3. Rainbow strobe - red, green, blue, yellow, indigo, purple, orange, white strobe
4. White/red > white/green > white/blue > white/yellow > white/indigo > white/purple > white/orange
5. Green/orange > yellow/indigo > purple/blue
6. Red/blue irregular

Mode B:
1. 8 single color + rainbow dots
2. Red dots + yellow/green blocks
3. Yellow dots + pink/indigo blocks
4. 8 single color dots -> blocks
5. Rainbow dots > blocks
6. White dots + purple/green blocks

Mode C:
1. Red
2. Green
3. Blue
4. Yellow
5. Indigo
6. Purple
7. Orange
8. White

Oddballs multi function LED poi take 6 LR44 batteries (supplied) and will glow for up to 8 hours.

Price per pair.

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